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. this is tori campbell, hundreds of people are streaming in from the nation's capitol hill and they are trying to be more -- from the nation's capital. they are trying to be more organized. and the team arrived last night after the victory and we will tell you how they are now preparing for the super bowl. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, it is dr. martin luther king, jr. day, i am dave clark. >> thank you for joining us, mlk day, inauguration day, tell us what the weather will be like. >> it will be very mild to
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warm upper 50s and 60s and 68 in morgan hill. here is sal. traffic is going well, there are no major problems getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. also the morning commute looks good coming to the mcarthur maze. let's go back to the desk. topping our news, just a few hours from now for president barack obama's second term, it gets underway in washington d.c. and our very own anchor is there tori campbell she joins us with the preparations now as that will be in the parade, story? >> reporter: good morning, pam, i am -- tori campbell. >> reporter: good morning, pam, there are a lot of barricades
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set up and only people with tickets can get in and you need get in to the area that corresponds with your ticket. people with orange and yellow tickets need to head into that direction to get to their seats so people with orange tickets need head to that area and the blue section is in the left front seating area. president barack obama was officially sworn in and the vice-president was sworn in on the 20th. when it's on a sunday, there is a public ceremony the next day and there is another swearing in at the capital and that's where hundreds of thousands of people are headed right now and the swearing intakes place in about four hours and then there is the inaugural address. there will be numbers of a
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group called canine companions and perry explains why this is such a big deal for them. >> we are excited to be part of the inaugural for the president and we are excited to show what canine companions does for people with disabilities. >> it was called nash and he took us for the very first cab ride. he will be joined by 150 dogs and among that war victims was there other than for those who have blindness. it ends in front of the white house and it is about a mile and a half long. the group told me they are actually meeting at the pentagon d.c. time so in a couple of hours and they don't
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start marching until 4:00 p.m. and they are very excited about it. i am tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> coming up at 5:15, mayor ed lee is also there for the inauguration and he will tell did it holds a special significance for him. overnight police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened at 1:00 a.m. not far from geneva avenue. one person was shot and killed, another was taken to san francisco general hospital and is expected to survive. police right now are searching for the fun man who witnesses say was wearing all black. it happened saturday evening and gary jones was driving when somebody fired shots into his car. he was shot at least once and he died later at local
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hospital. police say that gunman escaped in a silver or white vehicle. well, the san francisco 49ers are headed to the super bowl just in case you didn't hear after a thrilling victory over the atlanta falcons and janine de la vega says the falcons came back home last night. good morning jeanine. >> reporter: that's right, they are here at the training facility and you can bet the team will be here practicing for the next couple of weeks. ktvu channel 2 morning news was there as the team's plane touched down at 11:15 and people were cheering as the players and fans walked off the plane. they made their way to the headquarters in santa clara and they won the game against the atlanta falcons and they had a rough start in the first half and were down by 17 points but frank gore ran for a pair in the second half and the team
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won 28-24 and this is what jim harbaugh had to say. >> this is a team effort and everybody does a little and it adds up to be a lot. this is done by -- this is not done by any one person. tremendous force showed heart in the team and they will move on with humility and will be ready to play again in two weeks. >> reporter: coach harbaugh will be facing off with his brother who is a coach for the super bowl in new orleans and that's leading some people to call the super bowl the harbaugh. harbaugh took over the team since coaching stanford and they have not gone to the super bowl since 1995. coming up on the morning news at 6:00, i will tell you about the cost, what it will cost and
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to come to the super bowl. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. it happened right after the game. a falcons fan punched a 9ers fan and that's when end pulled you out a knife and stabbed a falcons fan in the next and he was rushed to the hospital and he is reported itly in stable condition. he celebrated the team's victory... we were inside the bar as the 9ers 11ed the nfc championship and fans say they have been waiting for a long time and are excited that the team is going back to the super bowl. >> we have been waiting for this since 2002 and we finally did it. we have one more to go and then we are super bowl champions.
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super bowl 47 will be the 49ers 6 times and the first time in 18 years, they won the first super bowl they played in and hopefully they can keep that record. mayor ed lee won, sake quote, all of san francisco will continue to cheer and congratulations to the entire 49ers coaching team and staff. the mayor urged the fans to celebrate peacefully. ktvu channel 2 morning news has completed the coverage on the website and if you want to see about all of yesterday's game including the interviews with coach harbaugh and the players, just click on the nfc championship tab. that sounds good to say, nfc
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championship tab. >> i just gave it away. which is not the same thing, i digress. good morning everybody, it is going to be a better day trafficwise quite frankly. a lot of people have the day off for dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday. let's see what we have on 880 westbound and there are no major problems here or on 580 and the toll plaza has a nice day and that will make it easier for the rest of us. westbound 580 still looks good as you drive over to 238, let's go to steve. i remember joe montana very well, sal. 49ers didn't beat the bangles joe montana did. and this is nothing they have experienced getting into
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the lower 40s maybe some mid- 40s and any precipitation stays to the north. overnight is cold and santa rosa, with 46 balmy degrees coast and bay, almost 70 degrees and the airport was 80 degrees cooler and still very mild conditions. kind of cold by the time it reaches the bay. down towards discuss, very mild but after today changes are brewing and we have a system that is starting to work its way in. increasing clouds on tuesday and it does look like clouds may move in towards cloud cover and our forecast, you can see timeline is up at the top, no worries today, increasing clouds come in tuesday and things start to move towards the north bay and it kind of
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just stays there. golden gate fell lay north, today sunny, good to -- vallejo north, sunny good to go, temperatures are warmer by the water's edge, the easterly breeze is not as strong as it was. highs today, upper 50s to lower 70s but still 67 downtown oakland and 72 in santa cruz so nice half-moon bay at 66. kind of a cooler pattern towards the end of the week. one of those stories will not go away, some new developments in the phony girlfriend hoax. two big interviews tied to the notre dame football star manti te'o. and we will have more on what a new state report says
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happens by the end of this year. downtown traffic is moving well and i will have another look at your traffic straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female announcer ] when sweet and salty come together, the taste is irresistible. made with sweet, smooth peanut butter and salted, roasted peanuts. sweet and salty nut bars by nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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. 5:13, taliban claims attack, they stormed the headquarters about dawn time. that set off a deadly gun
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battle which lasted several hours. at one point the attackers set off explosives causing a fire. at least three attackers were killed and several police officers were hurt. back home this could be the year for a major change in the population. the hispanic population for the first time may become the largest ethnic group in california. in july the hispanic population is expected to equal that of the white population. the new trend is due to a declining birth rate and also more people moving to california. >> in just a few hours president barack obama will have his inauguration, drawing hundreds of thousands of people to washington d.c. and as you can see this is from the capitol hill building out to
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the national mall. kyla campbell is right there in the nation's capital to tell us what is ahead forted. good morning -- ahead for today. >> reporter: the inauguration ceremony is still more than three hours away and the supreme court justice will be administering the oath for president barack obama and he will be giving hills speech which is expected to be brief compared 20 years ago. his inauguration marked several including the largest in any event in washington d.c. and they gave out 250,000 tickets but they expect as many as 250,000 to converge on capitol hill hill which is less than two years ago.
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mayor head lee loves what he is -- ed lee loves what he is seeing here and at home. >> there is a tremendous link to really include all the different minorities that perhaps felt sit out for many decades. >> as you can imagine security is tight and they started blocking off areas with fencing days ago and concrete barriers are keeping vehicles from getting too close to the building. people do have tickets to get into the inn ago racing and everything is kept very tight and secure there. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up we will have live reports coming up including from tori campbell who is out there as well and we will have the public swearing in live and we will stream the inauguration events on and
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mobile ktvu. well, the suspected mastermind involving manti te'o is expected to give an interview on television later this week. he is described as an a acquaintance of the noter dame star and including manti te'o himself thursday will have his first on camera interview since his story about a dead girlfriend was revealed to be a hoax. they know a person shot in the line of duty, police say he got into a struggle with a burglary suspect. services are readied in roseville. it was first displayed at ground zero shortly after 11. today is dr. martin luther king, jr. day and several
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buildings will be closed for the holiday. federal and state courts, schools and most banks and credit unions, they will all be closed and post offices wills be closed and mail will not be delivered today. parking will be free in the city of oakland and parking meters in san francisco, they will still be enforced. 5:18 is the time right now, it should be unusual because today is a holiday, sal. >> tall takes is closings and then you have an easier route. i have seen this for many years in my experience if there is a bad accident and sometimes it happens because people are going faster. let's look at the commute on 880 southbound and traffic is moving well and sometimes when they see their roads, this is a chance to take the muscle car
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out. try not to do that. westbound bay bridge as you come to the 880 split traffic does look good as you come to san francisco. it has been a nice looking drive, northbound on the off ramp everything is looking good. steve, did you bring your malls car to workings steve? >> every day. >> thank sal. we do have clear skies and today will be the last really warm day because tomorrow this system inches closer and instead of an offshore breeze, there definitely a lot of cloud cover and this will be the warmest day of the week and we still get that easterly breeze as it helps coast and bay so increasing clouds tomorrow and by wednesday, it brooks laich a pattern change, maybe some light rain to the north bay and
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it does not look like a lot. 46 in san francisco, 29 also in concord, livermore, 32, yet half-moon bay, 53 degrees. there is your offshore breeze, offshore, offshore, offshore. just turned westerly and it might be about 10 minutes old, and if you are 53 it has to be offshore. easterly breeze for one more day will turn and we'll see increasing clouds coming in tomorrow. that northwest breeze will not be as strong as it was over the weekend and cold lows away, really mild and closer to it. low-to-mid 60s and 60s antioch, santa cruz gilroy and a possibility of some rain clouds and cooler and it looks like more rain over the weekend. european markets open with small gains today and it runs
5:23 am
counterto how most asianian markets dropped after the two day meeting started. china shanghai finished a day at half of a percent. we are looking at dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday and the s&p 500 was hit, dow jones industrial average 13565 and s&p 500, a little bit of a jump up near 45 now and we'll see how it affects the markets when they open tomorrow. and they are closed for the dr. martin luther king, jr. holiday and that gives stock marketers a chance to look since the first inn ago racing. s&p 500 from january 20th, that tops a first term performance from his four predecessors.
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it puts him in and somebody tops the list. this is a very special science fair, he will showcase projects for more than 80 students. the goal is to encourage african-american students to have careers in science and technology. the nassau research center is all planning on sending representatives to judge this competition. it will happen at cyprus headquarters in san jose. well, a milestone on mars. we will have more on the rover and how it is working on the red planet.
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. the oldest of the mars rover and the opportunity has been quietly working on the surface. the mission was to explore three months and the opportunity is showing its age. it has a front wheel and it doesn't work well so the rover mostly moves in reverse and literally can stick from time to time but it uncovers clues that water does exist on mars.
5:28 am
let's check in with sal, we are not going to work you hard. >> some of us who have to workings it seems like a holiday because of the commute. southbound getting to 880 that traffic is moving well and a half my friends don't have to workings the other half does, i am in the half that does and at least your commute will be looking good as you head down to the sunole grade. let's go to steve. well, we have clear skies, one more day of an offshore breeze and it is cold inland, concord 29, yesterday 26 and 50 at half-moon bay, a change is brewing more on that in about 10 minutes. an overnight fire at a city office in south san francisco. what firefighters found when they got there and why they now
5:29 am
call it suspicious. two relatives caught by gunfire and one is killed the, what family members are urging the public to do this morning. plus inauguration day for president barack obama's second term, what is difference this time to come paired to -- compared to four years ago. ♪
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. well, good morning, this is dr. martin luther king, jr. day, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, it is a holiday so some of our regulars may be sleeping in a bit. it is very mild, we have a cold 27 in santa rosa and 46 in san francisco and look for clear skies and very close to what we had yesterday. good morning, traffic does look good if you are driving on interstate 880 and things expect to be better than usual and traffic does look good here in oakland and right through downtown, we have a nice drive, let's go back to the desk -- desk. preparations are well underway for president barack obama's second inauguration and look at all the activity there,
5:33 am
this is a parade route where the president will be walking ugg after the swearing in ceremony. from are flags along the side, tori campbell is right there in washington d.c. covering the inauguration for us, tori campbell it is great to see you, love the red, are there big crowds, are you seeing big crowds already? >> we certainly are. >> reporter: it is a lot of fun, dave, we have had people stop by and say hello, people from the bay area and they are streaming in from union station which is a building right behind us and that's a very pop lancaster. now the metro and the mall opened at 4:00 this morning just to handle all the crowds and when we arrived there was already a good number of people
5:34 am
on the train and vendors headed to the city to sell buttons programs and cards and there is a lot of security both in and out of the station. among the people i spoke to earlier, he was here four years ago and here is what he told me earlier this morning. >> reporter: ooh it is -- >> it is one of those days, everybody is here to celebrate and there is a lot of hope for the future. >> reporter: one of items we ended up buying from one of those vendors is right here, the official inauguration, they say it is a collector's item and it has trimmed in price and what i really like on the back, it says, this seat is taken again for the next four years
5:35 am
at the republicans convention. in next report i will be speaking -- speaking to them and they were certainly excited about that and this is certainly a very special day. i am tori campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. for more details about the events in washington d.c. today, the swearing in ceremony, it begins at 8:30 a.m. pacific time. beyonce will sing the national anthem and the parade is due to begin at 11:30 this morning and the inaugural ball will begin with a big glam for military families. we have live reports all throughout the morning and will carry in the big swearing in
5:36 am
ceremony and also mobile ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened shortly after 1:00 this morning on naple street not far from geneva avenue. alex savage just spoke to the victim's mother, alex? >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the mother of this victim and she is obviously devastated after what took place and she has no idea why anybody would target her son. police in the meantime are not talking about what led up to the gunfire early this morning. relatives say the man who was killed in the shooting was 43- year-old daniel colone, a father to one son who grew up in this part of the san francisco. they identified his cousin as
5:37 am
an drew cologne. the fire broke out on maple street. one victim died here at the scene and the second victim was shot in the upper body rushed to san francisco police hospital. the mother of the man who died told me a short time ago, she can't believe this is real. >> my son was very important to our family and they also hurt my nephew, i think my nephew is going to be okay but the two of them were like brothers. so please, if anybody witnessed anything please come forward to let us know. >> this was the third homicide of the year here in san francisco. the shooter dressed in all black if you know anything about what happened here this morning put a call into san
5:38 am
francisco police. relatives say the surviving victim was shot through the lungs and he is heavily sedated at san francisco hospital and family members are hoping he can make a full recovery. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. in other overnight news, investigators are investigating auspicious fire and firefighters say it started in an outdoor dumpsters. nobody was in the building at the time and they are trying to figure out how it started. it led to a fatal car crash in antioch. it happened at 9:30 outside on wilbur avenue. a speeding red sedan smashed through fence and rolled over several times. one person in that car is believed to be the driver was pronounced dead there at the scene and there is still no
5:39 am
word of what led to that crash. another fatal crash, this one in sonoma county, this one is under investigation and it halled yesterday on valley ford road. michael cole was killed and his wife was hurt. his motorcyclist crashed into a woman coming out of their driveway and alcohol is believed not to be a factor in the crash. fans filled out on to -- spilled out onto the streets following the 49ers victory. this was the scene in the mission district late yesterday shortly after the thrilling victory in the nfc championship game. police took a handful of rowdy fans into custody mostly for public drunkennism but all in all they were able to keep the
5:40 am
peace. >> everybody is cool and they are just celebrating the win and police are a good handle on it. >> and san francisco police continue to investigate michael crabtree over sexual assault allegations. coming up, what they are saying about the possible charges being filed against one of the team's stars. the 49ers will play the nfc champion baltimore ravens. ravens scored 21 unanswered point in yesterday's second half of the championship game and they beat the patriots 28- 13. baltimore won last time 28-16
5:41 am
and john harbaugh beat jim harbaugh. we have more and click on the nfc championship tab. you can check it out with jim harbaugh and the key players. sal, it is just a mazing the two brothers -- amazing the two brothers, do you think they imagined that? >> it what to be this way, pam. let's take a look outside. i know everybody -- not everyone, but a lot of people are excited but if you have to go out to work you might be excited for what you see because traffic is looking good almost everywhere and some schools are off, bart is running on a saturday schedule and we are definitely expecting fewer people on the roads if you have to go. taking a a look at interstate
5:42 am
8080. pleasanton danville and a little more to caster of valley. are you doing well? >> yes. not bad. starting in the 40s and it is nothing we have not seen unless you are closer to the coast and bay where it is mild to warm but it looks like mostly sunny weather for us. changes will start with increasing clouds and we have a lot of high clouds tomorrow but today that offshore breeze is still holding ground. maybe we could see a little westerly breeze kick being in but everything -- kicking in but everything is mostly offshore and this will make an extended stretch. transition day will be tuesday and more likely towards the north bay. 27 santa rosa to 51 half-moon
5:43 am
bay and we just howard pittsburgh is sunny to mild to warm. and it is probably the last warm day for a little bit temperatures will start to turn more westerly and we have a few upper of 0s and -- 60s and 70s and we'll see a nice change and tuesday we will cloud it up and a cold system drops in for the weekend. >> expanding an investigation on a troubled aircraft and now there is new information about the jet, the one that has been grounded around the world. people are asked to drop off their guns and they will not be getting tossed but something else will be.
5:44 am
our morning commute looks good and i will have more on your commute straight ahead. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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. good morning, 20s and 30s for some, 70s and 80s for others. here is some top stories we are following and president barack obama will have his public inauguration for his second term later this morning. as many as 800,000 people are expected to be out there for the big event in washington d.c. the san francisco 49ers are here in the bay areas the nfc champions. they beat the atlanta falcons 28-24 and they now go to the super bowl in new orleans and they will be playing the
5:47 am
baltimore ravens. san jose police are investigating a deadly shooting not far from geneva avenue. one person was shot and killed, another one was rushed to san francisco general hospital but is expected to survive. a popular gun buy back event in marin county, there will be one thing missing. here is more on why people will not be getting paid this time around. people are invited to bring their guns and this will not bep similar pause the county simply ran out. >> reporter: you can see just how popular this event was and because they don'ted out 43,000
5:48 am
dollars they will not be giving out money today and this will be a gun surrender. they spearheaded the buy back and headed out vouchers when the money ran out and now they are trying to honor those vouchers. again this is a surrender and the d.a. wanted to do something for the community in the wake of the tragedy. this is built on a no questions approach which means no questions will be generated. you can just drop it off starting at 11:00 and we will tell you how much from last time and i will give you assist it's more than 5 3,000 -- i will give you a hint and it is more than 5 3,000 dollars.
5:49 am
san francisco police are investigating accusations that crabtree sexually assaulted a woman in a hotel last sunday. crabtree has cooperated with police and was never booked or charged and a second female witness has backed up crabtree's version of the story. your time now 5:47 in algeria more deaths, a gas plant where dozens of hostages were taken captive. the death toll includes at least 81 militants and hostages including one american. almost two dozen foreign workers are still not accounted for. the sacramento kings will be leaving sacramento and going to seattle to take on the
5:50 am
supersonics. the family has a agreed to the take and chris hansen will reportedly pay 55,000 dollars. sacramento still has a chance to come up with a better offer that will keep the kings in california. one firefighter suffered injuries while battling a fire at an apartment building on california street. crews had the flames under control about 90 minutes later but there is major damage to the building. there is still no word on how the fire started. u.s. safety investigators are investigating a boeing dreamliner which caught fire. they are ruling somethings out and now they are looking at the battery's charger and the causes of charges which was
5:51 am
placed on lithium i on batteries and those are approved for a commercial jet. dr. martin luther king, jr. day, there will be special events all over in dr. kings' honor they will be open all day for all visitors and there will be a march and rally which starts at 4:00 a.m. john carlos will be there speaking at the event and the second harvest food bank will be holding its annual celebration at 8:30 this morning. steve has been telling us we will get out and enjoy some of those things. hopefully traffic wills be light and i did hear traffic meters are enforced, people should know. >> meters are enforced in san francisco, but it is free parking in oakland, so if you are in the east bay you don't have to pay parking and again, in the city you are in, just
5:52 am
read the meters which clearly have it marked there or ride your bike. you don't have to pay for parking. it was an editorial comment. that traffic is moving along nicely on the king holiday and we do have just enough people taking off and it will make it easier. usually by now we see some traffic at the bay bridge. but traffic is moving well. in san jose, the santa clara valley 1785 and 7 look pretty good and i just checked in with somebody to looked at cupertino. 5:50 let's go to steve. still enough of a component to hold the system in check, maybe some light rain on tuesday but temperatures are all over the place anywhere from 20s to 40s and 50s, half- moon bay is at 50.
5:53 am
san jose is at 50, you don't have to go very far and that's just one reading which is close to the water. clear skies looks good, sunny and warm, cold lows inland a light you are breeze but it is still offshore. should start to turn westerly and that will turn things down at the coast and still one more day, santa cruz checking in warmer and maybe by the weekend some rain will return. california cities are praised and slammed. some new lists on the nations best and worst run cities. from san jose to stockton, which city made which list. and over the top performances at the maverick surf contest, stay tuned.
5:54 am
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...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! . good morning clear skies, 20s, 30s and 40s, we have some very mild temperatures today, 60s and 70s by santa cruz. barbara walters is recovering in the hospital after she fell and cut her
5:57 am
forehead. she fell on a stair during an event with the ambassador. she is there to cover the president's inauguration. wall street says san bernardino is number one on the list and the unemployment rate reached 17% in 2011. now stockton, the biggest city to ever filed for bankruptcy came in at number 6 and they came in on the lit of the best run cities in america. they raised san francisco for a balanced budget to train new p.m. officers and firefighters as
5:58 am
well as aid servicers. they have one of the highest earn first ranked number one. and they ended up with a lot of local names in the top 26. 24 surfers were invited to -- invited to test their skills which invited 30,000 fans to half-moon bay and prince tons sea. it was not as bad -- bad as thought and peter was crouped by the second king and he is also from santa cruz and in third place, san francisco alex martin came in 4th and shawn came in number 6. you probably
5:59 am
came in number seven.$♪>> yes, i decided to skip it. sal, how is traffic? >> we are looking at traffic which is a little bit lighter as we look at highway 17 which is a nice drive no major problems. also into fremont, it is looking good passed mission boulevard, let's go back to the desk. and the 49ers quest continues. frank for is so good, -- frank gore is so good, they have a come from behind victory and now they are getting ready for the super bowl. president barack obama's swearing intakes place this morning and -- swearing in takes place this morning in washington d.c. i will have your forecast coming up in

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